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Donate now for our current project: "Schutzschilde" in Brazil!

The Goethe-Institut in Sao Paulo has invited the International Youth Ensemble of the AlarmTheater to Brazil, where, together with our long-standing partner theatre Cia. Arthur-Arnaldo, we want to bring our street theatre production "Schutzschilde" to Sao Paulo. We plan to go out on the streets together with the local people to support a more just society in Brazil with our play!

The preparations for our joint production of "Schutzschilde" and the entire programme from 10 to 27 October are almost complete - unfortunately, at short notice and unpredictably, an essential source of financing has been lost, without which we cannot pay for the flight tickets for the young people.

For this reason we need you now!

For the realization of this unique international youth meeting between refugees, German and Brazilian youths we still need 7,500 Euro for the flight tickets for our International Youth Ensemble. With the following button you can support us via PayPal or credit card:

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The AlarmTheater e.V. is a non-profit organization. Many of our projects are financed by different project grants. We are very happy that we can realize a lot of great projects.