Alarmtheater Bielefeld

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Become a member of the circle of friends of the
The circle of friends intends to put the work of
the AlarmTheater in public on a broad and
secure basis:
- Organizational and financial support
- Promotion of cultural networking
- Public relations work

The Circle of friends advises, accompanies
and supports the AlarmTheatre.
Whether you "only“ contribute to financing
our work by your member fee, or else also
play a part in contents and organisation,
it is for you to decide that!


Presseartikel aus der Neuen Westfälischen

Presseartikel aus dem Westfalen-Blatt

What will expect you?

- The Circle of friends meets once a year.
There you get insight into the projects, processes
and structures of theatre work, learn to know
the directors and the ensemble.

- We regularly and in printed form inform
you about the news from the theatre.

- You receive reduced admission for the
performances of the AlarmTheatre.

Membership dues

per year: 50€
reduced: 20€
(pupils, trainees, students)

Further information you get at the office of the
AlarmTheater under 0521/13 78 09