About us

AlarmTheater has been a free theatre with its own performance space in the western part of Bielefeld since 1993.

We understand theatrical work as an integrating element of resources of all participating people and as a chance for actors and audience in aesthetic education.

  • We unite social activity and artistic expression.
  • We seek structures and an overall concept that intervene both acutely and sustainably.
  • We consciously accept our social responsibility, not only as a cultural institution, but also as an educational and community center.

We explore reality and ask where we come from, what kind of world we live in and what visions we have.

We combine social and socio-political commitment with art. We develop our own cross-artistic productions and performances on socially relevant topics, as well as cultural projects using various means of art; these include projects in cooperation with regional, national and international partners from the fields of art and culture, as well as social and socio-cultural institutions.

Our goal is to take up acute topics and to create an inspiration to reflect, breathe, dream and take action.

We take the theatre to where it is needed

  • We stage artistically high-quality productions.
  • We work with people from different groups of age and origin
  • We take up subjects that are vitally relevantWe carry out our theatre work in cooperation with local, regional and international partners.
  • "Building bridges - bridges of mutual understanding"