About us

The AlarmTheater is an independent theatre with its own premises in the West of Bielefeld.

Dietlind Budde and Harald Otto Schmid in 1993 transferred their artistic works from Italy to the Teutoburg Forest to create a theatre of their own at this place. Thus they first conquered their theatre premises in the West of Bielefeld and then the hearts of the Bielefeld public.

Every year the AlarmTheater realizes up to five productions for young people and adults with around twenty actors.

Furthermore the theatre carries out projects in cooperation with schools, institutions to help addicts and the prevention of addiction as soon as violence, societies for integration, museums, refugee homes etc.

Moreover the AlarmTheater works together with prisoners for whom the theatre is a possibility to express themselves and to get a voice which is heard by the society. Thus the prison becomes accessible to the public.

We take the theatre to where it is needed

  • We direct productions of artistically high standard
  • We work with people from different groups of age and origin
  • We take up subjects that are vitally relevantWe carry out our theatre work in cooperation with local, regional and international partners.
  • "Building bridges - bridges of mutual understanding"