Bei uns ist das so (It's like that with us) - film premiere

We are very happy about the film premiere of "Bei uns ist das so", which will be shown on 30.03.2021 at 19:00 - one year after the premiere of the theater performance, which was cancelled due to corona - via the Kulturcookies. Click here to go directly to the video.

"When I hear the term "femininity", it provokes something in me... What is it all about?"

Under the direction of Anna Zimmermann, Britta Sophie Bornhöft-Graute and Karoline Farina Bürger, a group of twelve female socialized actors from the AlarmTheater's International Youth Ensemble artistically questions the concept of "being a woman". With anger, wit and poetry, they conquer the virtual stage.

Corona forced the premiere of the dance theater performance in March 2020 to be canceled at short notice. A digital version was developed for an online performance, so that two performances could be played for about 250 people in the summer.

This resulted in a specially conceived video of zoom recording and theater scenes. In dance, text, drawing, film and image, the multimedia examination of the theme of female* identity finds expression and is considered under (queer) feminist aspects. The performers direct their personal view on socially and culturally shaped expectations, representations and conditions.

With this performance we want to show the world that our demands and struggles remain important! Feminism concerns us all!