"Schutzschilde" Tour successful

"The play has seized me. It really got under my skin."
"An interplay of emotions and thoughts."
"I had the feeling that it was really about something. That was really moving for me."
"The group radiated a mad power, a mad joy of playing, where every single person had something to tell."

- Voices from the audience after "Schutzschilde" (Human Shields) 2019

A successful "Schutzschilde" summer tour is coming to an end and we are overwhelmed by the positive feedback of the approx. 2000 spectators who accompanied us on our performances.
Throughout the summer holidays, the International Youth Ensemble worked on the resumption of "Schutzschilde" and in the course of August played at the "Muschelsalat" in Hagen, at the Microfestival in Dortmund and for three performances in the indoor version at the AlarmTheater.
We would like to thank everyone who supported us with their energy, diligence and enthusiasm on our tour and look forward to the upcoming projects!