Workshop Expression Painting

In this one-day workshop on expressive painting, participants are invited in a clear environment (based on Arno Stern's Malraum) to let their brushes flow and follow their own traces. Under the guidance of the art mediator Kim Lempelius we experience a non-judgmental space in which painting can become the language of inner themes, or simply a free play with brush and colors. Each one stays with themselves without external distractions.

This course is about the simple process of painting. The goal is not the beautiful final result on the painting, but the moment of doing the painting. Immersion. Letting go. Relax. Energizing. Moments in which the mind switches off and a loose painting play emerges are just as welcome as mental processes finding their way to the paper. Between the individual painting sessions we will incorporate moments of collective relaxation. Depending on the needs of each group, this can be a yoga session, a walk together, or a food break. Individual rest periods are possible at any time.

Everyone paints as much as they want and can!

Important: the painting room is a non-judgmental space! Respectful interaction is required throughout the workshop.

The workshop is part of the project New Lines - Fluglinien (...).

No previous knowledge required.
No language barriers.

Participation is free of charge. The 3G rule applies.

Dates: May 7, 2022 | June 11, 2022 | 12 p.m. to 5 p.m. each.
(These are one-day offers, the dates can only be booked individually).
from 12 years | max. 6 participants

Registration by phone 0521.137809 or by mail to