Einblicke — Ausblicke

Filmmaker Nils Dunsche realized this film project in cooperation with the YMCA Rahden withing "wechselweise".

Young refugees were given the opportunity to report about their life in Germany on film.
They were provided with professional film equipment, such as video camera, microphone, sound rod and tripod. After an introduction to the theory of film narration and the use of technology, the group developed and implemented film ideas on their own. In terms of content, the focus was not so much on processing their own escape story, but rather on everyday life and the living environment in their new home country, Germany.

Altogether, two films have been created that revolve around the themes of "punctuality" and "helpfulness". During the shooting phase, the participants acted as camera and sound men, directed and acted. After the shooting was finished, the film material was viewed and assembled.

Due to their age and culture, the participants had different media reception experiences than the project manager. This resulted in a very interesting and exciting, ultimately fruitful exchange about film reception and production.

The escaped young people were able to reflect on their everyday life during the development of the ideas and to transform them into two scenic stories. In the process, they learned not only the technical handling of professional film equipment, but also about film aesthetic and narrative design possibilities. Furthermore, there was an intercultural exchange, not only about film reception and production. The project also led to a strengthening of language skills and self-esteem.