Linie. Luft. Raum.

Encounters, learning together and self-discovery through art, music and dance - after "spielARTEN", the new cultural education project of the AlarmTheatre will follow in 2020: "Linie. Luft. Raum."

For young people (13-27 years) with a migration background, experiences of flight, from difficult situations in life and for young people in Bielefeld, the project provides workshops with the topics music, dance and visual arts. The workshops and courses are low-threshold and not very obligatory and at the same time a unique place of learning and space to try out, develop and design.

Music: Jam session
Management: Diego Cancino
In this workshop musicians meet for improvisation, using a musical sign language. The development og an own musical languageis also part of the project. The participants are free to join for one or more jam sessions. They can bringt their own instruments or use the ones offered by the instructor. This offer is aimed at beginners and advanced students.

Dance: Salsa
Management: Diego Cancino
Salsa can be danced solo or as a couple - therefore in this workshop chosen dances are taught as single, couple or group choreographies. The main aim of this course is to improve the control of your own body and to understand its motor functions. With Salsa, despite the given basic step sequences, everything is possible and it conveys a feeling of relaxation, joy of life, community and sensuality. The courses and workshops are aimed at beginners* and advanced dancers*.

Visual arts: Space Collages
Management: Rebecca Budde de Cancino
In this workshop, participants are invited to engage with the means of the visual arts in something where one is looking for the most familiar, yet is still in the unknown and can open up other paths. The concept spans a framework of being and having freedom. In shorter and longer workshops, different results are to be achieved, which are to be developed jointly by all participants.

Due to the corona situation, the project "Luft. Line. Space." the Online Atelier.