Online Atelier

Did you receive our card, have you seen it somewhere in the world or have you become aware of the "Online Atelier" in another way? (If not, catch up quickly here and have a look at the pictures for this article.)

We are very happy about that!

Because we wish that good and beautiful things will also come out of the current time. Often we have the feeling that modern technologies are bringing us further apart. In these times of the exception this is definitely different. And we too will make use of this. We want to unite and exchange and that - as usual for us - about art.

Nor it's your turn:

We are looking forward to publish your answers, so that other people can also enjoy it in this time and we all, despite the important distance, move closer together. (If you wish, you can do this anonymously, of course, or we can keep your very private submissions just for us. Please write us a little note about this). Here you will find all channels through which your contribution can find us:

Post address

We hope you're okay. That's the most important thing!