raumImpuls (2018-2021)

Work in progress:

Discover your curiosity!
With "raumimpuls" the AlarmTheater starts another project spanning several years and several parts after "Tieftaucher, Raumfahrer & Luftblasen" (deep divers, austronauts & air bubbles). It invites you to venture together into encounters and art, to feel yourself and your own impulses and get creative.

In this project, a lot of artistic forms of expression will be possible for the participants. Support is provided in the areas visual art, dance, music and performance. The focus of this project lies on expanding our artistic work into public spaces.

Open Space
The event series "open space" brings people together, who otherwise never would have met and puts them in the middle of
the stage and the encounter.

It accompanies and expands projects in the theatre topically with overarching artistic action. Thus, an even deeper  confrontation with complex themes is encouraged and a space for handling new artistic techniques is created.

Bulletin board
The bulletin board is a place of artistic participation at a prominent place in the AlarmTheater. The results are published
via our blog.

Atelier "My Room"
In the course of this project the artist Rebecca Budde de Cancino invited people into her atelier, to work with their own ideas
about "room". The artistic output can be found on our blog.