wechselweise (2018-2019)

“We take culture where it is needed.”

With the cooperation project “wechselweise” (alternately) the AlarmTheater takes another step to connect with artists and institutions in the region OWL.

In the three years of the project, 2018 to 2020, concept meetings will take place with all involved partners on a regular basis. Together, the participants will develop conceptual working blocks at multiple project stages.

The goal of the project is the draft of guidelines for the successful cooperation work between artists and institutions, which can be institutionally transferred. Parallel to the conceptual project work the artists will realize their own art projects within the institutions, so that there is room to hands-on experiment with the theoretical contents during the entire project phase.

Phase 1 (2018):
Developing a joint understanding of quality

1. Meeting: 23rd of April 2018

Projects of artists and cooperation partners

- “gegenseitig” (mutual) Marcus Beuter in cooperation with the Diakonisches Werk Herford
- Rebecca Budde de Cancino in cooperation with the AlarmTheater
-“Kreisendes Fahrrad” ("Circling bike") Diego Cancino in cooperation with the AlarmTheater
-Anna Degenkolb in cooperation with the JVA Herford
-Nils Dunsche in cooperation with the CVJM Rahden

Reflection and evaluation of the first project stage

2. Meeting: End of November 2018 more planning meetings in December 2018

Phase 2 (2019):

Testing, honing, multiplying methods, attitudes, factors of success

Developing first ideas | Guidelines for testing out in practice

3. Meeting: April 2019

Projects of artists and cooperation partners (more being planned)

-“Erde zu Erde” (dust to dust) Marie-Pascale Gräbener in cooperation with the AWO Bielefeld Mehrgenerationenhaus Heisenbergweg

Reflection and evaluation of the second project phase

4. Meeting: End of November 2019

Phase 3 (2020):

Formulating the guidelines to further
test out in practice

5. Meeting: April 2020

Closing Event

Presentation of the project results

Final evaluation

6. Meeting: End of November 2020