The story of a male friendship. 18 letters and one telegram, dated between November 11, 1932 and March 3, 1934, one friend in America, the other back in Germany. A moving story of hope, despair, ideology and betrayal begins.

"The friendship's honesty - we shall never give it up."

Two actors from the AlarmTheater's International Youth Ensemble bring the fictional correspondence to stage under the direction of Dietlind Budde and Harald Otto Schmid in 2022 - on the day of commemoration of the victims of German National Socialism (...).

First published in 1938, the dramatic correspondence is of alarming relevance today.

ADDRESS UNKNOWN. The story of a friendship under National Socialism. Letters exchanged between two men.

We recommend the play for ages 14 and up.

Photos: Rebecca Budde de Cancino & AlarmTheater
Video: namuba