The Young Stage of the Alarmtheatre plays
"Creeps" by Lutz Hübner

Now for the Young Stage the motto is: "Wherever you are right now: We get you out of there! And don’t forget: The world is waiting for you!" (from "Creeps" by Lutz Hübner)
Exactly there begins "Creeps" by Lutz Hübner. Lilly, Maren and Petra havereached the final round in a presenter casting session. Now they have to prove their skills concerning various "disciplines" in front of each other and the test camera. The situation of their competition is nerve-racking, as all three of them bear a little secret, which would turn a possible failure in this casting into a vision of horror. And while they try to outdo each other, to trick and sometimes really do for each other, they do not realize that behind the scenes there is something brewing up that they will only be able to cope with together.