I came alone —
Childrens Transports

Seven years ago in "I came alone – Childrens Transports“ the Alarmtheatre attended to the subject refuge – this was before the debates about refugees and their integration had reached society.
The production, amongst others awarded with the prize "Children to Olymp“ 2010, tells about a wide-ranging rescue action, in which especially Great Britain saved ten thousand jewish children and young persons from the national-socialist persecution during the years 1938/39.
In the new production of the play the AlarmTheatre combines the refugees fate of those days with that of today: Young Moslem refugees act as jewish children.Together with their German co-actors and under the artistic direction of Dietlind Budde and Harald Otto Schmid they approach a piece of German history and discover the parallels to their own refugee experience.
The look upon what happened 80 years before shows one more time, that young persons coming as unaccompanied refugees into a foreign country, are the most vulnerable and most in need of protection.
What do we learn from the mistakes made in the past? And what can we learn from each other? What do we have to do in order to create a cooperation and mutual understanding?
In those times as well as today: The loss of home country, feelings of guilt and conflicts of identity. But as well always joy about being rescued, power, optimism and the hope for a better future in a foreign country.