On March 03, the dance theater.performance "infront.behind" premieres at the AlarmTheater.

Under the artistic direction of Anna Zimmermann and the co-direction of Lina Czapla, the International Youth Ensemble is poetically transgressing borders.

In the dissonance between internal and external, 13 actors search for interspaces, contacts and the so-called "we". They enter into the artistic dialogue between people and borders, between me and you, between us and them.

In dance, text, drawing, installation and video, the multimedia performance traces the path of different perspectives that stand side by side, slide into each other and merge together. The in-between spaces of the encounter and the we are constantly renegotiated. Crossing disciplines, the actors find new ways to deal with personal boundaries, human bottom lines, political power and lonely vulnerability in a society that is increasingly complex.

© Drawing: Änne Hahn

© photo credits: Cornelia Lembke