"Nothing is true - everything is permitted" - Nietzsche

Systemfehler. Performance and workshop series.
We explore how to deal with crises. With the current crisis, with grievances and in the confrontation with systems. Intercultural. National. International.

Do you have experiences of not fitting in somewhere? Do you get lost in the midst of all the opinions? What are crises?
Puberty or hunger and a war on the other side of the world?

We embark on artistic journeys in search of movement and counter-movement, of points of friction and an endurance of opinions and changes in thinking. A game with subjective influences, with fullness and with breaks.

Systemfehler. Physical theater. Sound collages. New formats.

Rehearsals for the cross-over performance have begun.

Want to join the workshop series? Next date:
Stage Design Workshop | May 01, 2021 | 11 am - 4 pm | via Zoom
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