The Spitting for more

Cutting the cord. Teeny weeny. Child of fortune.
Mother´s womb. Weightless. Presence. Always.
Responsibility. Competence. State. Structures.
Demands. Imaginations of society. Security.
Parental home. Love. Status. Appreciation.

"The Spitting for more“ is a personal examination of the family. In it Anna Zimmermann with 14 young persons from the most different cultures and parental homes developed a dance performance about the subjects childhood and being parents.
Discussion. Blowing one´s top. Breathing in.
Presence. Always. Dream bubble. Planned child.
Huge. Breathless. Carefree. Laughing out.
Wavelength. Wonderful. Point. Stop. Go on.
Get going. Let go. Start to live.
Burst out laughing.
On the other side of every day worries, demands and misunderstandings the actors and actresses under the artistic direction of the Alarmtheatre set out searching for the parents-child-contact.