Rousing rhythms from Argentina that make your legs dance and everybody move. Murga, a cultural form which Diego Cancino brought with him from Argentina. With it he catches people in Bielefeld with his enthusiasm for this culture. Together with Anna Zimmermann of the AlarmTheatre the Murga Group "Los Cometas Felices“ was built up, the name of which in Bielefeld for a long time has been associated with a lot of fun and a warm atmosphere.

Murga is a form of street theatre that combines music, dance and singing with a strong portion of parody. This form of art was developed in
Uruguay at the beginning of the 20th century. Most of all  in Argentina it plays an important local role. From this Argentinian form of the Murga was developed that, which today we know as Murga Portena. Over the years the Murga spread in all kinds of different countries; for the Carnival of Cultures the last time groups from Barcelona and Rome gathered in Bielefeld.

Characteristic of the Murga Portena is a musical composition, in which are united intensive sounds and rhythms of traditional musical styles from the sphere of the Candombe. These rhythms are dominated by percussion instruments like Bombo con platillo, Zurdo and Snare. The artists play
and dance to a frenetic rhythm and while doing this perform jumps and steps. They occupy the space and fill this with a carnival-like element.
Dancing is at the same time political protestation and an appeal for freedom.

But if you now think that all Murgas are alike, you are wrong. In fact, the four elements – music, dance, dressing up and poetry – remain, but each group develops and constructs their own identity. Starting point always is the philosophy of the Murga; the individual distinctions arise by
culture, geography and politics.