Alarmtheater Bielefeld


SpielARTen 2.0

With "spielARTen 2.0" the AlarmTeather
starts the second round of its cultural offer
for young refugees and Teenager
from Bielefeld (14-27) out of different
life environments. Within the project,
there are three "Werkstätten" taking place,
to encounter the culturally determined
differences with fun, curiosity and creativity.

For the "workshops" you do not need
anyprecognition or well-grounded knowledge
of the German language.
The workshops are carried out continuously
and can be supplemented by intense
rehearsels or courses at the weekend
and in the holidays.

workshop for word, text and language
In this workshop it is all about words,
text and language. The spectrum reaches
from the text workshop to poetry
from differentcultures up to poetry slam
and beyond.

Tuesday: 5 P/M to 7 P/M

Workshop for dance and movement

In this Workshop we offer different
dance techniques and ranges of movement:
Modern to Hip-Hop, Movement improvisations,
physical practice from the theater work,
but also martial arts.

Thursday: 5 P/M to 6.30 P/M

Courses starts at September 2018,
New notifications are permanently possible.
Contact: Chiara Budde

Painting, drawing and designing

Courses for refugee women and girls
with Marie-Pascale Gräbener.
Friday, 3 p/m to 7 p/m
in the former HBZ, Kleiberweg 3,
33607 Bielefeld, Building A

For the registration call 0521-121026.

Sponsored by:

Kulturamt Bielefeld

Sparkasse Bielefeld