Bei uns ist das so

"When I hear the term femaleness, it provokes something in me...
What's all this stuff stuck to it?"

"Am woman*. Can be anything
and I am first and foremost human." 

On 4 July, the dance theatre performance "Bei uns ist das so" (= With us it's like this) celebrated its premiere at Zoom. Under the artistic direction of Anna Zimmermann and Britta Sophie Bornhöft-Graute, 13 female socialised actors of the International Youth Ensemble artistically question the concept of "being a woman*".

They conquer the stage with wit, anger and poetry. Unshaven and unironed. In dance, text, drawing, film and image, the confrontation with the highly topical theme of female* identity finds expression. A critical look at socially and culturally shaped expectations, representations and relationships.