Hello Germany!

“How do you find a place where you can develop further? How do you recognize this place? You do that because you don’t want to leave it any more. And certainly not, because the place is perfect. There does not exist anything like a perfect place. But there are places, where at least you feel secure.”  (Fabio Geda – There are crocodiles swimming in the sea).

“Hello Germany!” is a dance theatre production with underage refugees, who travelled without accompany, and with pupils from the Friederich Wilhelm Murnau Comprehensive School at Bielefeld-Stieghorst.

Together they venture to go on stage and look upon life in Germany – out of perspectives that could not be more different. In an artistic way they have a good look at their history, their nationality felt, their own prejudice and the cooperation of the cultures. Thus they create a lively theatrical adventure.

A succession of the successful production “How Far Do You Go?” from spring 2013.