It really is about

In "It really is about“ the International Youth Ensemble under the artistic direction of Dietlind Budde and Harald Otto Schmid confronts itself with the question: "What is it all about?"

It is about silent cries
and loud whispering
about cheerful weeping
about a dreamy waking
and the stumbling into
the fresh, free morning air.
It is about courage and defiance and phantasy.
And rage and nevertheless moving on.
It is about an Everything
full of whizzing brain ghosts.
And a Nothingness
with everything behind it.


In the artistic process the young persons from various nations had a good look at the reality of the "I“, the "You“ and the world. "It really is
about" shows their searching for answers and their many little truths.

The question about what it is about, most of
all brings forward the question and the longing
for what it should not be about. I want to marry
a pretty girl. I want to buy a watch. I shall never
be a boring person. I am not better, not worse
than the nothingness, because everything else
will yet be compared.