Nellie Goodbye

For weeks already Nellie, Cora, Tina, Jonny and Danny – "The Useless Beauties" –only have one goal: The great band contest Mudshark, in which  they plan to take part and to win. When they receive the news of their successful nomination, success seems within reach. But in the middle of  their dreams of glory and success, reality obstructs their way in explosive force. During a rehearsal Nellie collapses.

Cora drags her friend to see a doctor. The diagnosed tumour forces itself into the closed world of the five young people’s rehearsal room as unexpectedly as shortly before into Nellie’s head.

Suddenly everything goes upside down. Suppressed feelings break out. Pure life lives under this sword of Damocles and shows its many facetted sides. What will become of the band? The tumour grows, widens, puts the band under a real test and presses each of them against the wall.

Not later than now the five of them start to have a critical look at the reality of that deadly illness. They have to learn to deal with it. But when have they reached the point where to put their cards on the table? How does one define friendship in face of death? Each one of the band’s members has to solve these questions in his/her own way. On the other side of the dream of great success the five are reminded of what is really important for them.

March 2006: Nomination for the Festivall
"Theaterzwang 2006"