Look at me straight in the eyes just this once.
Let reality blur before your eyes, so you can
see the truth more clearly! Do not concentrate
on things in the wrong way, see what remains
hidden! See what seems too small to see,
read the words that are not on the page.
Open your eyes anew, think differently,
switch on your senses!

“Palpitations” is a youth theatre production, in which 19 young people (among them are 9 young refugees) create a creative space for social inspection with the artistic direction and guidance of the AlarmTheater. This closer inspection broaches topics including community spirit, friendship, exclusion and extremism. 

Against this background the young people take a look at their different cultures and religions and put  wishes, dreams and yearnings into words. They have a chance to take a look at our society and themselves through the eyes of refugees. What are we able to achieve to offer these young people a life in peace and security? Is it possible to free them from their social isolation? 

"We want to know what defines us deep down,
when everything around us disappears."