Open Space °5

human echoes.

We went on a journey.
In the theatre and out of the theatre.
To the vastness of São Paulo. Together.
Discovering new worlds, seeing new lands -
and our own from afar.
With art as an expression of humanity.

The International Youth Ensemble & Friends invited you to what is now the fifth Open Space, with an experience that carries them strongly and full of confidence in the future. On this colourful evening, 25 protagonists from the most diverse realities of life presented "how people treat each other, how much they stand up for each other and how well they succeed in meeting each other with dignity." (G. Hüther)

Following the varied stage program, consisting of lectures, performances and music, all guests were invited to a Brazilian-German snack for an encounter and exchange with the actors.

With them (more artists will follow):

The International Youth Ensemble
Texts, dances and dreams to and from the big theatre tour through São Paulo in October 2019, including the play "Schutzschilde" (human shields).

Brazilian live music with and by Simone Pimentel Lechthoff (vocals), Tobias Rütten (guitar) and Justus Spalting (bass).

Kerstin Belz
Musician and singer from Bielefeld.

OlabO. Or - admire the wonders again.
Two people, two loop stations and many different sounds.
Nicolas Maurel and Patrick von Bortkewitsch let themselves drift in many rivers: Hip hop, trap, afrobeat, ethno or house - everything that grooves flows in the evening.

Maris Zumholte
The young musician and music education student moves with fascinating ease between euphoric rhythms and soulful sounds. Maris accompanies Open Space No. 5 on the grand piano and also has the odd beatbox interlude or two at the ready.

The Alices
Musically dreamy madness from the wonderland with Axana Derksen, Ramsus Exner and Nicolas Maurel.